Macbook Pro Running Slow?

Why is my Macbook Pro running slow and what to do about it?

On a fine day, your Macbook Pro decides to slow down just when you’ve been catching on some measly deadlines and bunch of other projects that entails using your personal computer. But bit by bit, programs are starting to stop responding. As you panic, you feel helpless on the situation. You ask yourself, “Why is my Macbook Pro so slow all of a sudden?” All you wanted on that moment is to figure out what is making your Macbook Pro really slow so you can continue on with your work. So you took time to make a Google search, and alas! You have found this page.

We know exactly what you are dealing. Maybe empathy will not even work for you now as your anxiety continues to rise up. Nevertheless, you are filled with hope that it could be fixed even if your Macbook Pro is of old age now. Perhaps, its hard drive is already on the brink of being completely full; or maybe you have been running way too many programs at the same time.

In essence, proper care and maintenance is absolutely necessary to keep your Macbook Pro running smoothly. Here are some possible culprits that you may rule out your MacBook Pro from slowing down by following its corresponding solutions:

  1. “501 MB free of 499.42 GB,” says your hard drive.

Apparently, this is one of the reasons that makes your Macbook Pro become ultimately poor in performing tasks. In this scenario, cleaning up your disk is mandatory; however, it could be overwhelming when you are doing it for the first time—at such perfect timing—you are in the middle of completing a project. But worry no more though, a cleanup tool for Macbook Pro is always to the rescue. Look for a product that lets you have a squeaky clean hard drive for FREE, just like CleanMyMac 3. It is a software specially made for Macbook Pro computers to safely delete the unnecessary while keeping the necessary.

Try now and save yourself from the hassle of going through each of your files and folders. Let CleanMyMac 3 do the rest. (

  1. Your Mabook Pro is still running on OS X Mountain Lion.

Contrary to popular belief, updating your Macbook Pro to its latest compatible operating system does not make it any slower than it already is. It actually makes the necessary calibrations in order for your Mac to improve in terms of functionality and speed. The only solution is to keep your Mac updated to the latest version of macOS, that Is OS X El Capitan. Besides, you will be depriving your Mac and yourself with all the latest available features that Apple has put up for free on App Store

In some unfortunate cases that your Macbook Pro happened to run slower upon updating, let CleanMyMac 3 help you with its ‘Repair Disk Permissions’ feature. It is conveniently located at the Maintenance portionof the application which you will see upon downloading (

  1. A handful of apps greeting you at startup.

It may negligible, tolerable, or ‘just those small apps’ on your part, but it may already be sacrificing your Mac’s overall performance, making your MacBook slow. Even those ‘small sized apps’ will take its toll on your Mac as it continuously run on the background as you put other RAM-hungry applications to work. Here’s what you can do to make your Macbook Pro run significantly faster: head over to Systems Preferences > Users & Groups > your username > Login Items. Click on the applications that you don’t intend to use at startup. To be able to do that, click on the ‘-‘ sign to remove those unwanted applications. Keep it to a minimum if you must, in order for you to see the difference it makes when you take off the bulk.

You may have the option to do the easy way around. Use a software that can do all that as convenient as a single click. The secret? It’s CleanMyMac 3.

  1. Tons of background applications adding to what is already considered bulky.

Speaking of background applications, it is also one of the culprits that makes your Macbook Pro significantly slower as it needs to use more resources to be processed.

However, unlike #3, this situation is relatively easier to solve in terms of number of steps to go through. Just go to your Applications folder (it is most likely located at your dock) > Utilities. From there, you will be able to easily spot the Activity Monitor which the rest of the actions will take place. You should be able to find a long list of applications currently running in your system as well as the amount of resources it is taking up. While this takes shorter steps, it is equally dangerous as well. If any of the process seems foreign to you, it is best to skip unless you make a research.

Once you figure out which applications are taking the greatest amount of resources (if you haven’t, sort it by clicking on ‘Memory’) then simply make a click on the ‘x’ symbol on the upper left corner; first icon from the left. By clicking such, you are stopping the application from running in the background. See if it makes any difference in your Mac’s performance.

See how CleanMyMac 3 can help you with that (

  1. It’s really just old on the outside.

The components of your Macbook Pro have just depreciated over time and there is nothing much anyone—even Apple specialists—can do about it. Our suggestion is to look into your Mac’s model and see if some of its parts can be upgraded. Make a thorough research on the compatible replacements and among other factors so you can decide whether you will upgrade a piece of hardware yourself or not. Moreover, consider having options whether it would be feasible to just purchase a whole new unit or just stick with mini upgrades. At the end of day, it’s your call.

See how cleaning the internals do most of the trick? It’s all made possible with a cleaning app made just for Mac computers to wipe away all the junk that keeps your MacBook Pro from running slow, so you’re always ready to do most out of it. Download CleanMyMac 3 now, it’s certainly risk-free to try!

If you are wondering ‘Why is my Macbook Pro Running Slow?’ the answer is really very simple

You need to defrag mac – or in plain English – you need to clean out your mac.

Forgetting to spring clean your Mac once in a while, is a monumental mistake most of us do, myself included. The result in your mac running slow, sometimes excruciatingly slow.

When this happens we panic and assume it is on the blinkers and start fretting about saving the pennies to purchase a new replacement, which will set you back a brow sweating $2,000 for a new computer or pay $100+ to have it check out by your local Apple Mac genius.

What if i could tell you that there is one simple solution how to fix a slow mac or good… It just needs to be cleaned out! Decluttering your mac is an easy and cheap quick-fix to regain that super fast impressive snappy speed the Apple Mac is renowned for. An effective spring clean, and your mac will be running like new.

No more my macbook Pro is so slow… is that a massive sigh of relief i hear?

So we have diagnosed the problem why your mac is running slow, so the next step is to find the best software to carry out this dirty task. There are a few on the market that claim to do the job, but many have been tested and a few have made the problem worse, so which one to go for? Well…

Before i used this product mentioned below, i scanned and removed over 36GB of junk from my computer, yes 36GB!! and my mac was only 8 months old! These were hidden files, duplicates, broken stored errors! Gosh the lists goes on, its really does. So…

Here is a my honest review on the best new mac cleaning software on the scene… CleanMyMac 3.

Just arriving at the CleanMyMac website gives you a positive vibe about this product. Their glossy website has the instant look and feel of a professionally designed application that invites you with open arms to take a close look at what they are promoting.

A few seconds browsing the site and i am already impressed with the clear and easy navigation – a difficult job to achieve on an hard to please Scrooge like me!

It is clear that the company behind this new software, MacPaw have pumped in the money and created an industry leading product.

So let’s delve in a little deeper shall we…

When it comes to applications that attempt to clean out our Mac, improve performance, prevent macbook Pro running slow, execute some maintenance tasks or free some space up, it’s a dog eat dog world.

There are already many well-know tools which focus on doing these jobs, each with their own unique strategy and specialisms.

So why is the CleanMyMac the only one to grab everyone’s attention?

MacPaw brings you the CleanMyMac with an interesting and incredibly ambitious proposal for those of use who are wanting to find an easy way to handle essential maintenance tasks and keep your macs in tip top condition.

They preach that this app will not only keep your mac squeaky clean but also ensure it will be foolproof, secured, fast, reliable.

Hmmm, in the past you would have to install half a dozen apps to achieve all these different tasks, so how does the CleanMyMac managed to achieve it in just one?

Here is a closer look at MacPaw’s CleanMyMac….

  • CleanMyMac’s impressive features are broken down into five categories: Cleaning, Optimization, Security, Data Control and Geek on Demand.
  • If you are not a technical computer wizard, don’t be put off. They are very easy to understand but at the same time do the job of about 15 separate apps!
  • They just require a few clicks of the mouse pad and then your away to curing your mac and stop you fretting ‘Why is mac so slow’.

Let’s take a closer look at each category and see what each one offers us…

Stop Macbook Pro Running Slow – Get Cleaning!

Just like everything in this world, you home, your body, your dog ect – your Mac must be cleaned regularly to ensure it runs at optimum performance and prevent you from getting a stressing over why is my mac running slow and your screen freezes.

The process of cleaning is only eliminating the ‘useless’ stuff that is clogging up your hard drive. The CleanMyMac (unlike some) knows exactly what too and what not too delete, so there is no need to stress about losing valuable files.

You may be convinced that you have only the essential files on your slow mac, as you frequently delete them manually. But what you are unaware of it that every file you delete still leaves a trace behind, and it is these that are keeping you fretting “my mac is running slow.”

CleanMyMac’s cleaning toolbox has everything you need for a fast and efficient Mac cleanup.

With ‘Fast Cleanup’ you can easily scan your slow Macbook for caches, logs, language packs and binaries using up to four utilities in one, and then get rid of this clutter with one click.

However on the ‘Most Wanted’ list of junk, is the dastardly file clones – for me, i was left shocked with the amount i had accumulated on my laptops, no wonder my mac is slow.

They are notoriously hard to detect, so much so, that it is the duplicates that often make any other mac cleaning softwares fall short.

MacPaw identified this annoying issue and have designed a unique CleanMyMac’s feature – ‘Duplicates Finder’.

The Duplicates Finder will scan your Mac’s hard drive for file copies, even the renamed ones, and give you a chance to dispose of them.

Have you ever wasted away hours searching for a specific file on your Mac? Especially when you have forgotten the name?

Unfortunately more times than not, we are forced to admit defeat as the capability of searching on a Mac OS are rather limited…

Well, this headache will be a thing of the past as CleanMyMac’s ‘Files Finder‘ is quite a different tale.

I personally love the way the search filters are arranged, so simple and neat. Even if you have misplaces the name of a file, this function allows you filter thought the results by choosing the file type or extension and limit the search results by specific criteria. You can create your own search parameters as well.

Would you love the option to be able to see your files on your disk spread out before you?

Believe me, this will make your life so much easier and save a lot of time searching and getting frustrated…

With CleanMyMac’s nifty ‘Disk Usage’ tool, you will be able to pull up a clear picture of all the files on your hard drive.

This feature will also highlight exactly which files need your attention, preventing mac running slow in the future.

If a file is highlighted in green or yellow, their is nothing to worry about, but if you see orange and red, then you have identified yet another problem that is making your macbook Pro run slow.

Unlike the CleanMyMac, most mac cleaners will just delete unwanted files, clearing space. This may prevent you worrying why is my mac running slow for a short while, but simply deleting unwanted files is not getting to the real root of the problem.

Putting files into the trash and deleting them, is a just like sweeping the dust and hair off your kitchen floor, only to brush it under the rug…

Most apps an files never completely disappear from a mac, even after emptying the trash.

What many people do not realize is that their additional components are still hiding on your computer and cluttering it, causing to to run slow a have poor performace.

CleanMyMac’s ‘Wise Uninstaller’ will completely wipe the file and app squeaky clean, just as if it never been their clogging your hard drive.

No matter if it is a file, app, plugin, widgets, etc, this feature will effectively get rid of them all.

With the ‘Wise Uninstaller’ convenient tree format, you will easily be able to get to the depths of the apps and clearly see each of the in Finder.

This feature is truly unique. You will not find it in AppZapper, AppDelelte or any other similar Mac uninstaller programme.

Optimization – Make Your Mac Lightning Fast! No More Mac Running Slow!

Ahhh the section we have all been waiting for, how exactly to dust off the cobwebs and stop our macbook Pro running slow and get them lightening fast…

In this section, the MacKeeper has designed several serious apps to spruse up the performance of your tired Mac.

With ‘Update Tracker’ i can swiftly get updates for my apps in one place, insted of having to open them and check them all individually. Which is a mammoth task.

In this section, the Apps are marked with either a red dot, showing you it is out of date, or is green, which are the apps that have already been updated and optimized.

The Apps marked with a yellow dot are those i have sorted into a Favourite List so i can find them easily.

I love this one, the ‘Login Items’ tool dramatically boosts your login speed. Perfect for someone like me who is very impatient and hate fretting why is my macbook Pro running slow and waiting around for the computer to load.

This tool also allows you to throw apps into the automatic login list so that they will open as soon as you turn on your Mac, saving a huge amount of time.

On the contrary, you can delete apps from this list to prevent the from opening on the spot if you don’t use them that often, again preventing mac running slow.

The ‘Default Apps’ tool can efficiently link certain apps to specific files. This once again will save you a lot of time, as files are often opened with wrong apps, and it can be very annoying.

Mac Security – Protect your Mac for Viruses and Thieves…

Now don’t think i’m going barmy because you thought that Mac’s came with a pre installed ‘Antivirus’ protector….

To ensure your mac is 100% secure you will need more than just Mac OS X protection to eradicate growing viruses, spyware and other nasty stuff.

It is true that in comparison to Window’s the Mac has hardly any threats, but they do exist and there are enough of them to be worried…

As the popularity of the all mighty Mac computers rocket in demand, so does the scale of nasty threats. Norton and Kaspersky have already created internet security for Mac OS, and Apple themselves even recommend installing antivirus software to be on the safe side.

So in order to fight off any nasty invasions that come as a serious danger to Mac security and performance making you stress ‘why is my mac running slow‘, we need to be one step ahead.

Luckily, one of the may features the CleanMyMac provides, a ‘Antivirus Dual Protect’

This means that your Mac with be fully protected from both Mac OS and Windows threats, giving you a reason to take a deep sigh of relief.

On the Market there are already other antivirus softwares beside CleanMyMac, but not all of them offer protection against Windows viruses as well. Plus, they don’t offer any of the other cleaning and optimising tools…

If we were to compare prices, the statue of victory would undoubtedly go to CleanMyMac.

As we have already seen, it has a hell of a lot more features than justa simple Antivirus, but costs far less than for exampele, ProtectMac and VirusBarrier.

Another must have security feature that gets me excited is ‘Anti Theft’.

Unfortunately, where ever we are in the world, there will always be people who want to get their greedy thieving mitts on your property.

If this happens after you have installed CleanMyMac, you will be finding yourself turning in a very red face thief, as you can actually pinpoint in the world were your mac is located.

The Anti-Theft tool is very simple to use. If your mac gets stolen, once it has gone online, you will be sent a location report, which you can then hand to the police.

Plus you will also get a phone call from customer support with detailed instructions about the report, to ensure you get all the answers and evidence you need to get your mac back.

Finally, all lucky iSight owners can also enjoy seeing photos of the thief, caught red handed using your computer. This snapshot feature will automatically be activated once you report the theft.

There are other anti theft solutions for Mac available, such s Undercover and WatchMac, but these only offer half of What CleanMyMac has available.

For example, they come with the humorous and handy snapshot feature, but shockingly not one of them offer the location report. Which in undeniable the most important feature if you want to recover your stolen computer.

So on top of some pretty cool macbook Pro running slow optimization feaures, CleanMyMac also comes with rock solid security.

Data Control – Protecting Important Files and Personal Details

Like you i’m sure, i prefer to keep all of my personal information secure.

CleanMyMac ‘Data Encryptor’ does exactly this…

To start off, Data Encryptor is password protected. You will be asked to create one as soon as you activate this feature.

The next step is it offers not one, but two levels of encryption.

Last but not least, the final step is that the Data Encryptor can hide files names in our hard drive to prevent anyone easily accessing them and stealing your personal information. However, if you find yourself loosing the hidden items, Data Encryption will help you search for them with out causing my macbook Pro is running slow.

When i compared CleanMyMac’s Data Encryptor with other similar systems, i didn’t immediately spot any differences.

But the closer i investigated, a different picture started to emerged…

For example, the programs FireVault conflicted with Time machine, and Knox didn’t have the clever feature of being able to hide and disguise you important information on your hard drive – and in any other system, they could be easily accessed via Terminal.

Plus, none of these data control apps provided a 24/7 customer support call center. And as most mac users are not geeky enough to fix the problems on their own, i think you’ll agree, this is a key feature.

The next tool i am going to talk about is CleanMyMac’s ‘Undelete tool’.

Now unfortunately it can not bring back your lost car keys or a runaway cat, but at least it can fully restore your lost files.

As we have already discovered, when you delete files from the trash, they don’t disappear forever, they just become over-writable.

To uncover lost or deleted files, scan your hard drive with Undelete. Once the scan is finished a list of recently deleted files will appear and at your selection, can be brought back to life.

Unfortunately sometimes this can be a rather lengthy process, buy with CleanMyMac’s Undelete, you can use the filter to sieve though and locate files you need.

An added bonus is that you can also preview files using CleanMyMac ‘Quick


However, the main benefit of the Undelete tool is its ability not to stop macbook Pro running slow but to recover windows (NTFS) files. This results in this tool standing head an shoulders above similar apps.

Many of us choose to use NTFS file son Mac OS X, but there’s no trash on flash drives, making it very difficult to keep data safe. But now, if you misplace any file on your external device, you can quickly recover it by scanning it with the Undelete as well!

Plus Undelete can protect your files from accidental removal with a cool tool called ‘Backup’.

Backup can create reserve copies of all your important files and schedule updates.

Scheduling is a fantastic feature, because now you don’t have to stress or waste time manually updating you files.

No more copy paste routines every Sunday evening like in the old days.

Before i discovered the many wonders of CleanMyMac, i used to back up my data using Time Machine, as it is already built into a Mac OS X.

However, Time Machine only creates file copies on on your computer but CleanMyMac has the capabilities of supporting external devices. This allows you to back up information that is on flash drives or any other devices, excellent!

Introducing the ‘Shredder’ tool. This is does pretty much the same as any other shredder tools except their is the added bonus of the CleanMyMac having all the features of numerous apps.

To use the shredder, just simply pick up what ever you want to dispose of an drop them into the shredder. Click shred, and that’s it!

Shredding and getting rid of all the dusty clutter files will do wonders you any macbook Pro running slow.

Geek On Demand – Your Very Own Personal Technical Wizard

What if i could tell you that you could have your very own Mac tech wizard that could get you out of any sticky problem on hand 24/7….

This is an awesome feature that is unique to CleanMyMac. With ‘Geek On Demand’ you literally have, well….. a geek on demand.

No matter what the problem is – mac running slow, issues with software, hardware, Mac OS, Windows – what ever! you can get easily get professional help to get you back on your feet running smoothly in no time.

Next time you face a mac running slow, you can schedule a phone call at what ever time is most convenient for you and are guaranteed receive a call at that time. A person for CleanMyMac’s customer service team will be on hand to answer your questions and solve any issues you may have on the spot.

It doesn’t just have to be tech help, you can even ask these guys for their advice on which ipod is best to get. They really know their stuff, and that is exactly what you want at your beck and call to ensure that you never face Why Is My Macbook Pro Running Slowly ever again.